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My OT Wiki:FAQ

My OT Wiki – The Occupational Therapy Wiki

How do I cite My OT Wiki?

Caution is advised when using My OT Wiki as a source. In many academic institutions, references to My OT Wiki, along with most encyclopedias, are unacceptable for research papers.

This does not mean that My OT Wiki material should be used without citation: plagiarism of My OT WIki material is also academically unacceptable.

Alternatives to citing My OT Wiki (Recommended)

Cite the original source, e.g., published journal article, where possible. This is located in the references on the bottom of the page. However, as some pages may not contain a reference, you may need to resort to citing My OT Wiki directly.

Automatically: Using the 'Cite this Page' Link

On the sidebar of each page that can be cited, there is a Cite this Page link under the Wiki Tools heading. Click this to cite the page you are on in multiple supported styles such as APA and MLA.

Citing Manually

APA Examples*:

  • In-text → (My OT Wiki, 2021).
  • References List → Occupational Therapy. (n.d.). In My OT Wiki. Retrieved January 1, 2021, from

*See the latest APA manual for the most up-to-date guidelines.

I would like to help out. What should I write about?

You can write anything occupational therapy related on My OT Wiki. To get some ideas, click on a Random Page. We only ask that you follow our general rules and guidelines outlined on the Main Page.

Why an occupational therapy wiki?

We [occupational therapists] noticed a gap in the wiki community for occupational therapy content. While occupational therapy related articles do exist on wiki's such as Wikipedia, occupational therapy is a unique profession with its own specific values, content, language, terminology, and theories. Occupational therapy is also constantly evolving with society. The occupational therapy community can benefit from a wiki that is written by and for occupational therapy practitioners, educators, researchers, students, and relevant stakeholders. An occupational therapy wiki also has the potential to increase awareness of the profession to the general public, which will benefit the overall human population to promote health and wellness through participation in occupations.

Can I upload images and other files?

We currently do not support the uploading of images or other media due to potential copyright concerns and the large storage requirements involved compared to a text-only wiki. We will be looking into this feature in the future. You are welcome include links to external websites for images, videos, and other types of files.

Is there additional language support?

We currently only support the English language, but as the Wiki grows, we may plan to provide additional language support and translation. As additional language support may cause longer load times, drastically increase the database size, require additional hosting costs, and potentially 'break' the website, we decided that we will re-evaluate this in the future based on demand. In the meantime, you can use a third-party translation service like Google Translate.

Who created My OT Wiki?

My OT Wiki was created by occupational therapists in 2021 as there was no occupational therapy wiki at the time and an opportunity to provide a free knowledge base for the profession. Content on My OT Wiki is collectively written and edited by the OT community around the world. Learn more

Why are ads displayed?

Unlike other wiki's like Wikipedia which ask for donations, we decided to keep My OT Wiki free for our visitors. Ads are displayed on My OT Wiki to help pay for domain registration, monthly web hosting fees, maintenance, and updates. The revenue earned from ads goes back directly to the website and its cause.

My OT Wiki does not endorse the companies, products, or services displayed in the ads.

Do you sell my personal information?

In short, no we do not (and never will) sell your information to any third party. The information we collect includes registration information and browser cookies for user behavior and website maintenance. Read our privacy policy for more information.

How can I donate?

You can donate your time! Help My OT Wiki out by writing and editing pages. This helps out the community directly and is super easy. You can even contribute on mobile devices (click on the pencil icon).

Thank you OT community!

Why are some pages asking for monetary donations? Are you asking for monetary donations?

My OT Wiki will never ask for monetary donations, e.g., Venmo, Paypal, cryptocurrency, wire transfer, etc.

We decided to not ask for donations to keep our community safe. As My OT Wiki is a publicly editable wiki, we hope that this will never happen, however, it is possible that users may impersonate My OT Wiki and post solicitations for donations and wire money directly to themselves on a Wiki article.

These are all scams!

We try our best to moderate and remove content from scammers and spammers, but as we are a small volunteer effort compared to larger wiki's, we cannot guarantee nor are we responsible for this.

Thank you for your generosity and stay safe.