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My OT Wiki:Citing

My OT Wiki – The Occupational Therapy Wiki

Thank you for citing your sources to make My OT Wiki a reliable source of knowledge for the occupational therapy community. We made it easy for you to "cite on this site".

Citing New Sources

  1. Copy the citation to the clipboard – An easy way to find the citation is to go to Google Scholar, type the title in the search box, and click the " [citation] button. This will open a pop-up box of available citations formats. We prefer APA format. Copy this to the clip board.
  2. At the end of the sentence where you would like to insert a citation, Click the [Cite] button in the top edit toolbar (between the link and bullet list buttons).
  3. Click [Basic] if it's your first time citing this particular source.
  4. Paste the citation into the box.
  5. Click [Insert].
  6. Finished! A numbered citation link will now appear, e.g. [1].
  7. Repeat the same process from steps #1-5 to cite additional different sources. If citing the same source multiple times in the page, see below.

Re-using Sources in the Same Page

We make it easy to re-use the same citation later in the same page:

  1. At the end of the sentence where you want to re-use a citation, click [Cite] from the top editing toolbar.
  2. Click [Re-use]
  3. Click on the citation you want to re-use from the list of previously cited sources.
  4. Finished!