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My OT Wiki:Categories

My OT Wiki – The Occupational Therapy Wiki

Placing each page into a category helps to make it easier to locate and makes the site more organized.

Adding a page to a category is easy!

  1. In the top toolbar, click on the [Menu] icon in top right corner (next to the pencil icon).
  2. Click [Categories].
  3. In the box under Add a category to this page, type in the category that the page belongs to, e.g. Theories and Models. If a category already exists, it will show up in the search suggestions. Try to minimize the amount of categories that are created – check to see if a similar category already exists.
  4. Click [Apply Changes].
  5. Done!

When a new category is created, a new page needs to be created. A "category page" acts just like any other Wiki page. For example, you can give an introduction the category and its definition or write anything you want.

  • A newly created category page automatically contains an index of the pages that belongs to that particular category on the bottom under the heading "Pages in category".
  • A newly created category pages will automatically show in the Browse Categories sidebar.