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My OT Wiki – The Occupational Therapy Wiki

Welcome to My OT Wiki – the Occupational Therapy Wiki.

Our mission is to provide an occupational therapy wiki for the OT community and the public – free of all barriers.

Similar to other Wikis, My OT Wiki is a public user contribution effort.

If you have some time, we would appreciate your contributions: creating new pages, writing new content, making edits, reviewing existing content, and anything else you see fit.

Feel free to contribute anything occupational therapy related, but we only ask that you do not post opinions, copyrighted works, illegal content, advertisements to any businesses, products, services, or social media accounts, self-promotion, marketing, affiliate or referral links, practice questions from quiz banks, PDF ebooks, or online private access content.

Under fair use, certain uses of copyrighted materials for purposes such as teaching, scholarship, or research are not an infringement of copyright. You may quote, paraphrase, summarize, or create derivatives of the original work. If you reference another source, be sure to cite it.

Thank you for using My OT Wiki.

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Staying Safe

My OT Wiki will never ask for monetary donations. Read our FAQ about potential scams.

Getting Started with the VisualEditor

  • Click the Edit link (not Edit Source) or the first pencil icon on mobile devices to start editing a page with the VisualEditor.
  • We like to use the VisualEditor instead of the Source Editor.
  • If a pop-up appears, click Switch to the VisualEditor.
  • You know you are using the VisualEditor if you see a toolbar similar to Google Docs with menu buttons such as Paragraph, Cite, and Insert displayed above the text edit box.

Quickstart Tips

  • Don't know where to start? Have a look at the Categories or Pages.
  • Enter a topic or term into the search box at any time.
  • Does a topic you are looking for not exist? Create a new page and start contributing.
  • Create links within the body to link pages together and to make navigation much easier for the community.
  • Make good use of titles, headings, paragraph breaks, bullet points, lists, bolding, italics, and other formatting to make the content easier to read.
  • Be sure to add a References heading (^1) at the end of each new page.
  • Cite your work using the cite button and Google Scholar or your favorite citation tool.

Topics We Need Your Help With

See this Page for how you can help out our community.

Helpful Resources for Writing

  • Public Domain Works
  • Textbooks
  • Journals and Magazines
  • Google Scholar
  • Library Databases
  • Government Websites

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